“One aspect of serendipity to bear in mind is that you have to be looking for something in order to find something else.” - Lawrence Block.

A new way to read the news

The Accidental News Explorer is a new type of news app for iPhone that celebrates chance encounters and serendipity. Start by searching for a subject. Once you've browsed the suggested articles taken from hundreds of news sources, tap the related topics button to discover connected topics, which in turn lead to more articles. Each article leads to new things; the more curious you are, the longer your journey will be. What will you discover?

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Design and code by Brendan Dawes
Powered by Daylife
Text analysis powered by AlchemyAPI
Published by CreativeApplications.Net
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Featured as new and noteworthy on the US App Store.

Featured in The App & Mobile Case Study Book published by Taschen.

FWA Mobile Site of the Day October 8th 2010

Chosen as an App of The Week by Dentsu London

Rated 5 out of 5 by Cult of Mac

Featured on lovelyui.com

“Accidental News Explorer means I no longer play games on my iPhone. Where as before, when I was a little bit bored, I'd throw birds at pigs, now I open this app and learn something new.” - Peter Lambert (UK App Store review)

“With this update, @aneapp truly comes into its own. Recommended!” - @misc

“The Accidental News Explorer for iPhone will completely change the way you get your news!” - @inspiredmag

“It’s a rare application that changes the way you view the world. ANE is one of those applications.” - waxpraxis (US App Store review)

“It’s a lot like surfing the way I used to, starting somewhere and ending up somewhere else relevant but much more interesting. ” - philipnotphil (UK App Store review)